Transformative Leadership

Moral education is not just about avoiding harmful behavior; nor is it limited to acquiring and developing virtues. Rather, it means helping learners to become actively involved in addressing the needs of their communities. This, in turn, requires the acquisition of certain "capabilities", which include the knowledge, skills, and attitudes or values needed to carry out acts of service to others. This course includes a review of current mental models of human nature, society and leadership, leading the student through a process of questioning those mental models, and then presents a new conceptual framework, denominated as “transformative leadership”, which is more coherent with reality and the needs of today’s world.

A thorough study is made of the elements of this framework, which include service-oriented leadership, personal and social transformation, the fundamental moral responsibility of investigating and applying truth, a conviction of the essential nobility of the human being, transcendence, and the development of capabilities. Then 18 capabilities of moral leadership are introduced which are conducive to personal transformation, bettering interpersonal relationships, and collective transformation.