Human Rights

This course helps the students to learn about the concepts and resources related to human rights and fundamental freedoms and to empower them intellectually and ethically to bring about transformation in themselves and to become active agents of transformation in their community and society.

One of the main concepts of human rights is justice and fairness towards all humankind. This course tries to foster in students the capacity for “developing justice and fairness in their surrounding environment” through engaging them in effective assignments and project-based learning. Another capacity considered in the course is “consultation in families and small groups for individual and collective affairs in times of restriction”. Learning happens through many mediums in this course; it focuses on consultation, meaningful conversations, deep intrapersonal reflections, and the arts as tools for the generation and dissemination of knowledge. Students actively share what they learn in the course with others around them to help the process of developing justice and fairness within themselves and throughout their world.