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Explore 16 graduate degree and 5 graduate certificate programs at BIHE

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Postgraduate Certificate/Short Term Programs

The main aim of the Postgraduate Certificate/Short Term programs is to provide the core knowledge of a specialization for those who are not able to attend a full degree program. By taking a short certificate program, students can consider their chosen short course as an aid to specialize further or to develop expertise in a new field they hope to enter. The programs intend to provide the information necessary to meet the demands and challenges of their respective business environment and develop specific competencies for a specific profession or industry. Additionally, participation in these programs enriches the students’ scope of experiences.

In 2008, BIHE began developing the required policies and procedures related to offering certificate/short term programs in order to facilitate their implantation by the respective departments. The following postgraduate short term programs are offered in 2022:

  • Graduate Certificate in Building Health Assessment
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Building Information Modeling
  • Graduate Certificate in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Graduate Certificate in Adolescent Health