Accounting (Associate Degree)

The Associate Degree in Accounting is an undergraduate program intended to train individuals to enter the job market after passing at least a two year (4 semesters) program of study. This program is designed to satisfy a portion of accounting and financial needs of the country.

Course Schedule



The Accounting Department provides two degree programs, one an associate degree and the other a bachelor’s in order to nurture and train accountants and financial managers and equip businessmen and entrepreneurs to have critical thinking and the ability to evaluate and analyze their lives to achieve a coherent Baháʼí life (including the four areas of family, job, community and education). The program intends that their financial expertise will be able to contribute to fundamental changes in the business environment of Iranian accountants and managers and the wider society.


The program aspires to create the ability in its graduates to rely on their academic knowledge and expertise to change the prevalent Iranian business culture away from one which is contrary to ethical principles and based on the culture of materialism and in particular manipulating accounting records in companies and organizations.

Goals and Objectives

This program pursues these three main goals:

  • 1) Preparing students for work and employment
  • 2) Teaching the established and recognized ethics, principles, and procedures of accounting and finance with academic excellence
  • 3) Providing the educational foundation needed to enter higher level programs, including Bachelor of Accounting

Admission Requirements

Currently, 25 students are admitted each year to the Associate degree of Accounting Program. Admission is granted based on merit to eligible high school graduates who have specified in their application their preference for the program and achieved the acceptable scores in the required entrance examination. The students should have a high school diploma in one of three fields of Mathematics-Physics, Science, or Humanities to be qualified to enter the program.

Study Plan

The Associate degree of Accounting program consists of four semesters. Students must pass at least 67 credits over the four semesters covering all main and general courses.


Curriculum/Course Schedule

Semester 1
Course Code
Course Name
Credit Hours
ACC1711 Principles of Accounting I 3
COM1747 Computer Skills 2
MAT1033 Introductory Mathematics 0
EFL1100 English as Foreign Language 100 0
COR1133 Human Rights 3
MNG1114 Principles of Management 3
MAT1707 General Mathematics 3
COR1131 Writing Skills 3