Associate Degrees

Since BIHE is a comprehensive tertiary education institution, it offers four Associate Degrees with vocational and career orientations. An Associate Degree is equivalent to two years or seventy credit hours of academic study.

Associate Degrees consist of broad general education and concentration requirements. Currently, the Associate Degrees offered at BIHE include: 

  • Accounting
  • Civil Construction
  • Computer Technology
  • Early Childhood Education

BIHE believes that associate degrees are central to carry out the aims of higher education and that liberal education and vocational training are inherently intertwined. We seek to establish a balanced curricular framework which emphasizes intellectual development, aesthetic appreciation, and the acquisition of useful trades and professions for the utilization of knowledge.  We agree with the observation of the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead that "the antithesis between a technical and a liberal education is fallacious. There can be no adequate technical education which is not liberal, and no liberal education which is not technical; that is, no education which does not impart both technique and intellectual vision."

List of Current Associate Programs
List of Merged or Discontinued Programs