Student Support and Services

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs provides academic and personal support services to students throughout their journey in BIHE. This office collaborates closely with the Cohort Advisors, who have profound knowledge of the circumstances of each student of their cohort and draws on their help whenever required.

Cohort Advisor

In response to students’ need for support, a cohort advisor for newly enrolled students is appointed by each program. A cohort advisor provides educational guidance and assistance and advises students individually and/or in groups regarding course requirements, course selection, academic policies and procedures, and academic resources. The cohort advisor works with students concerning their academic plans and progress, class schedules, and other academic related issues to assist the student in making decisions concerning educational goals leading to graduation.

Student Accommodation Office

The Student Accommodation Office helps undergraduate students find temporary accommodation with the assistance of Baháʼí residents of Tehran who volunteer to render such service. The Office manages the accommodation procedure, assesses the quality of services and the safety of the homes, as well as assists in the resolution of issues between the hosts and students, if needed.

Students Associations

BIHE embraces the concept that among the duties and responsibilities of educational institutions are nurturing and reinforcing students’ motivation for successful learning, encouraging their participation in social life, and nurturing both a sense of community and of belonging to a larger society. Students are one of the pillars of BIHE and are supported by departmental boards to create and maintain a space for open discussion and participation. BIHE has Student Associations which provide students with the opportunity for academic, artistic, and social activities within the framework which is in compliance with BIHE´s singular circumstances. While structurally the Students’ Association of each department is under the supervision of the Departmental Board and enjoys its advisory support, it is appreciated as an independent entity that accommodates students with different activities that try to shape the college duration more sociable.