General Admission Policies and Regulations

Those who wish to apply to one or more programs at BIHE are asked to submit their application and supporting documents by a specific deadline. The application process takes place in three stages: In the first stage, applicants’ overall performance during their last two years of high school is considered according to the general entry requirements. Those applications who are able to satisfy the general requirements will proceed to the second stage. During this stage, depending on applicant’s chosen program, his/her performance in specific subjects in high school are carefully weighed against the specified program’s requirements and standards. In the third and last stage, selected applicants are invited to participate in an exam whose subject matter may vary depending on the course they aim to study. Successful applicants are then eligible to register in their chosen programs. These requirements and exams are designed and updated regularly to provide both BIHE and the applicants with a fair prediction of future success in their desired programs.
Those applicants who have not met the admission requirements are directed to attend a one year foundation program through which they will be offered several foundational courses. This provides them a unique opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills required for success in their target program. Should they meet the requirements, they will be admitted to their desired programs the following year.