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The initial faculty of BIHE was largely comprised of Baha’i professionals (e.g. physicians, dentists, lawyers, engineers) and former university professors, who once held teaching positions at government-run universities in Iran, but who because of their affiliation with the Bahá’í Faith and the increasing systematic oppression of the Bahá’ís in that country, had been expelled from universities. This group of volunteer professors and instructors, many of whom are still with BIHE, formed the foundation for an ever-growing body of other volunteers inside and outside the country.

Since the first BIHE students graduated, inspired by the spirit and devotion of the founding professors, they began to join the BIHE faculty and staff. Many completed their postgraduate studies at the finest universities around the world and returned to Iran. This new young group of professors and educators, which now form a significant segment of the faculty, has guaranteed the sustainable growth of BIHE faculty.

ImageSince 2005, the online component of BIHE has allowed a growing international body of volunteer university professors outside Iran, known as the Affiliated Global Faculty (AGF), to join efforts with their colleagues and assistants inside the country. The AGF comprises professors holding PhD degrees, who work and reside in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Indeed, the diversity of the teaching staff is one of the unique and impressive features of this university.

This remarkable team of active volunteers, which now has grown to over 700 instructors and professors, most of them residing in the country, has tirelessly devoted its expertise over the last three decades to the development and implementation of a top notch university curriculum in various programs.

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