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Pedram Roushan PDF Print E-mail

I graduated from BIHE with a degree in civil engineering in 2000. I continued my education in the United States and studied physics. I worked as a researcher at three universities before joining Google quantum hardware team: University of Pittsburgh, Princeton university (PhD, 2011), and University of California, Santa Barbara. After this long educational journey, the BIHE experience still remains unique and has played a major role in shaping my views of higher education and its role in forming.

Commonly in college experiences, students learn how to succeed as creators and repositories of knowledge. The fundamental job of education which is guiding students to learn who they are, to search for a larger purpose for their lives, and to leave college as better human beings has been mainly forgotten.

In BIHE, I had professors who believed, and their act testified, that man should seek delight in knowledge and should not instrumentalize it for self-centered goals. By teaching courses or setting an exemplar with their acts, these all volunteer professors were diffusing their love for knowledge through classrooms. They knew that teaching at BIHE could lead to imprisonment. This was not a baseless fear, since they could see that it was happening to their colleagues frequently enough. Their love for us and their firm believe in the radiant future for Iran made an everlasting affect on me. They were resiliently educating Baha'i youth for great duties that are awaiting them in such a future. Educated with such teachers, the life of many BIHE students can testify to their very different perspective on education and their insightful appreciation for it. Inspired from the Baha'i teaching and principles, BIHE provided me an opportunity to have such a pure and unique approach to higher education and knowledge.

Pedram Roushan,
Senior research scientist, Google Inc

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