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Master of Software Engineering

 This degree is a 2-year (33 credits) program consisting of a main module of four courses and the rest from specialized elective courses from several tracks. Students who are interested in research and development can also take two courses in research methodologies (total of 3 credits) and a 6-credit Master Thesis during their second year of study.

Goals and Objectives

The computer engineering graduate degree program offers students with an undergraduate degree the opportunity to pursue their studies with a research based option as well as advanced specialized course option.  The objective of the program is to provide students with the tools to enable them to accomplish any one or combination of the three following objectives:

- Pursue a career in their field of expertise.

- Become leaders and entrepreneurs.

- Become proficient in academic research to continue their studies at the doctoral level.

The program offers the following tracks as a guideline for students to choose their specialization. Research and thesis track, high performance computing and analytics track and systems track. In addition to the core courses, students are allowed to take courses on advanced specialized topics.

By the end of the program, students will have gained advanced knowledge and expertise to perform system design, research and development. In addition, they will have developed entrepreneurship and leadership skills and innovation. Furthermore, students are expected take part in industrial collaboration, teaching and cutting edge research with other faculty members and mentor undergraduate students.  


The department of computer engineering at BIHE is committed to offering graduate courses on par with international standards. Our online courses are offered by faculty from around the world who have graduated from and are teaching in the top universities of the world. The courses are selected to promote and encourage leadership in bringing cutting edge technological advancement and to satisfy the needs of the industry while providing the capability to advance to higher degrees. Students are also encouraged to take part in visiting scholar and exchange programs.


Consisting of more than 20 faculty members and staff, the faculty of the graduate program are volunteers from among professional experts in the field and professors from accredited universities around the world, who offer the courses online.

Admission Requirements

The applicants should have at minimum a BS degree in computer science or engineering with a B- average, and English efficiency (IELT) score of 5.5. A committee of faculty members evaluates the qualifications of each applicant. Students from other engineering majors are admitted into the pre-Master program and required to pass up to 30 credits of the bachelor of computer science program prior to admission into the postgraduate program.


The duration of the program is two years. During this time, the students have to pass 33 credits of postgraduate program courses with a minimum B- grade average.  All students are encouraged to take a 6 credit thesis course, work with their thesis supervisor, and conduct research on a topic of their choice that is approved by graduate committee. The students who choose not to do a thesis can take 6 credits of regular coursework instead.

Program’s Role in the Community

Some of the graduates of this program have already received their Ph.D. from universities around the world and already acting as faculty in the BIHE.  Further, there are several more who are serving in the BIHE in different levels and capacities to give back to the academic community.

Course Structure


Main Module


Application Software Security (3)



Advanced Software Architecture (3)



Advanced Requirement Engineering (3)



Software Project Management (3)




Track I: High Performance Computing and Analytics


Semantic web (3)



Big Data Computing (3)



Decision Support System (3)



Data Mining (3)



Engineering Entrepreneurship (3)



Track II: System


Embedded Systems I (3)



Embedded Systems II (3)



Track III: Research


Understanding Research (1)



Special topics - Research Methodologies (2)



Master Thesis (6)                                                          



Electives: Special Topics


Special topics - Social Network Analysis (2)



Special topics – R Programming (1)




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