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Associate Degree in Computer Technology

The tremendous growth in information technology and its impact on everyday life has made complex software systems critical to the operation of many systems in areas such as banking, communications, manufacturing, power generation, and transportation. The development of computer science and its application to both massive industrial and simpler forms of software have led to the emergence of new disciplines in the areas of software, networking and control.

This program covers the application of theory to the building, configuring, testing, and administering of small and medium software systems, local area networks and simple industrial automation for applied use across society. It stresses the practical aspects of designing, building, and modifying systems for small businesses in Iran and other parts of the world. In addition to covering technical aspects of software, networking, and control, courses also cover the areas of computer science relevant to each engineering field, including operating systems concepts, computer networks, database systems concepts, theoretical computer science, and “object oriented” methodology and programming languages. The program includes principles of effective and reliable software design, mathematics, and other sciences traditionally studied by computer technicians.

As a result of completing this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Work in small, start-up companies or in highly complex organizations.
  • Work in operational groups with hardware or software engineers.
  • Advance to further study, including applying the credits earned towards a B.Sc. program in Computer Science.

Graduates of this program can seek employment wherever computers are used for operations.

Please click on the Course List link to view all the courses offered in this degree.

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